Halloween over the Years

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2019, Categories: Featured Posts, Holidays

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So if you have been following me for some years now, you know I LOVE HALLOWEEN and dressing up! HaHa. I’ve been doing it since Aaleyah was born. Before when I was working, I would really have to order and plan ahead for that one family costume. There was not a lot of time for creativity, but this year I was able to come up with some looks with clothes, wigs, and accessories that I’ve collected over the years or just had in the kid’s closets. It’s been a blast and one of our costumes was shared by Cardi B, Selena Gomez and DJ Snake!!! I was literally jumping off the walls of excitement! lol. This costume was the one I really planned for. I ordered most of it from aliexpress like the robe I wore for $6, the baby’s jumpsuit as well, and Victor’s jacket. The other stuff I already had. I also ordered the wig from ebay since Aaleyah’s hair is short. So I’m just so glad the artists approved! Victor did not want to take his out t off haha! If only we could be on the Ellen Show now. (a girl could dream right? buahaha) Aaleyah was really hoping we would catch Ellen’s eye, but we haven’t YET! haha.



We had ton of fun with this. We are HUGE fans of the song Taki Taki and it meant the world to us that the artists shared our photo.

This idea literally came to me on the couch! Can you guess what I was watching? haha. Fixer Upper, yes! I literally put this together with things we already had. Aaleyah is wearing Victor’s jacket, my shirt, and the wig from the Selena Gomez costume. Victor is wearing my husbands shirt, hat, and using his drill. LOL. You just gotta get creative people.LOL.


So we had to do Selena because duh! Who doesn’t love Selena? Aaleyah was not loving the idea of wearing a bra haha, she hid it well for the picture. For the baby’s Pugsley’s costume, I literally had him wear his Halloween skeleton onesie inside out haha. For cousin Itt, I already had the wig and hat. The Thrift store was my bff this Halloween season lol. Steve Urkel costume literally was also another idea that hit me during the week, haha. All items we already had. The Mean Girls one, I did pick up items at the thrift. All sweaters were couple bucks, so de nitely did not break the bank.

Victor chose our family costume this year. We went to see the movie Aladdin earlier this year and he really loved it. We stuck to the old school vibe, haha. I literally made Aladdin and Abu’s hat out of red plastic cups, I had at home. Victor and Nufo both have scarfs tied back for their belts. I made Nufo’s genie ears with craft stuff I already had. So being crafty and a bunch of stuff already does help, haha! So to this end this post, I also thought, I would take stroll down memory lane with costumes we’ve had over the years.

The kids also always choose they're trick or treating costumes. 






Character day at School

Coco Family 



Watching Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite Halloween memories as a kid. 

My mom, sister and I as the Sanderson sisters. 

Aaleyah as Queen BEE



I was student teaching during the day and had full time courses in the evening, so no time to be super creative this year. Aaleyah didn’t care lol.




Also, I didn't edit these older pictures, so you can see how my editing skills have progressed LOL.




Aaleyah’s first Halloween 

Just for the record, I was into Halloween even before kids. HAHA!



I really had to dig for some of those! haha. I hope you enjoyed! Though I’m a little sad Halloween and October are over, I am pretty proud of the costumes we were able to create this spooky season. haha!




-The Halloween Queen